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Warriors reporter targeted in Kevin Durant media tirade shares his side

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A prominent member on the Warriors beat found himself in the middle of a media storm last season when Kevin Durant called him out by name in a press conference after the former Golden State forward took exception to an article written about his impending free agency. 

On the latest Warriors Insiders Podcast, The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss shed light on his version of the events.  

“We had a discussion at The Athletic that we need to talk about this and maybe I just pulled that particular straw,” Strauss said.

Durant’s comments, which were made following a 141-102 win over the Spurs, came after Strauss wrote an article reporting that many within the Warriors organization were resigned to the fact that Durant was going to leave in free agency. In his three-minute rant, Durant said that Strauss did not talk to him or anyone in the organization for the story, which Strauss denied. 

“I definitely reached out,” Strauss said. “And he didn’t want to talk and that was more or less what had happened before when he took exception where I said, ‘Hey, if you have an issue or if I’m coming with something, I can talk to you about it.’ And he wasn’t in that kind of mood.”

Over his career, Durant has frequently stated his opinions on social media and responded to both stories and fans on various platforms. In the podcast, Strauss said that while the trait may be admirable, it could be harmful long term.

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“There are writers that I believe Kevin thinks about more than they think about him,” Strauss said. “He’s the only guy I could put in that category that are at the level that he’s at. It’s kind of unbelievable and maybe it’s just really honest but I also don’t think it’s the most emotionally healthy level to be.” 

In addition to dishing on his spat with Durant, Strauss also spoke on his cooking exploits, the relationship between media and players, and the upcoming Warriors season.

Warriors reporter targeted in Kevin Durant media tirade shares his side originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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