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Tracy McGrady’s pick for NBA champion this season is not the Warriors

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On Thursday night, Kyrie Irving declared that he plans on re-signing with Boston next summer.

During Friday’s episode of The Jump on ESPN — as Tracy McGrady and Rachel Nichols discussed Kyrie’s decision — the following back-and-forth took place:

McGrady: “I’m gonna announce this on our show today — I have the Celtics having winning the championship in 2019.”

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Nichols: “Wait a minute. This coming June?”

McGrady: “2018-19 — my championship team is the Boston Celtics.”

Nichols: “You don’t think the Warriors are gonna win the title this year?”

McGrady: “How many times you want me to say it? How many different ways you want me to say it?”

Nichols: “I want to make sure (laughing…)”

McGrady: “I think they’re ready now.”

Nichols: “Wow. That is a huge statement. We will be coming back to that throughout the season, but you get to say you were on it first certainly. No question about it.”

Nichols is correct. It’s a win-win for McGrady because if the Celtics do win the title, he looks like a genius. And if the Warriors threepeat… nobody is gonna care about his prediction.

The hope is that the Basketball Gods give us a fully healthy Warriors vs a fully healthy Celtics in June.

It needs to happen. We all deserve that, right?

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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