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Finally, the Warriors have come to grips with their true calling

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The Golden State Warriors have won six consecutive games by 15 or more points, which coincidentally means they have won six consecutive games by more than the point spread.

Finally, they have come to grips with their true calling.

The Warriors, who always give points (since Steve Kerr arrived, the Warriors have been underdogs only 21 out of 246 times, and never at home), have covered the line more often than any team other than Boston under Brad Stevens, and their overall record of 139-101-6 is a bill-paying 58 percent conversion rate.

And paying the bills is damned important.

In boxing the field as they have (winning by 28, 20, 19, 17, 24 and 21 points against the struggling Clippers, non-struggling Spurs and Nuggets, struggling Heat and non-struggling Timberwolves and 76ers), the Warriors have wiped out all the faux-concern of their own stuttering start, and established their usual place atop the food chain, and even if Stephen Curry’s thigh bruise keeps him out of Monday’s game against Orlando, the team has been constructed to seal up the odd gap here and there.

In other words, and with all due hat-tipping to the new and at least temporarily improved Magic, giving the 12½ points is probably the play here — and in saying so, you see how desperate we are to inject a bit of drama in a regular season that looks like it will be devoid of it barring injury.

Besides, 12½ is not a lot of points for the gentlemen to be giving at home; it’s about the average over the last three years and change.

Look, we’re killing time here, and I get that. But there’s only so many “metrics say JaVale McGee should play three times as many minutes as he does” stories we can endure in mid-November.” I’m just thinking of all of you.

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