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Andrew Bogut shares Klay Thompson’s reaction seeing him for first time

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Andrew Bogut shares Klay Thompson‘s reaction seeing him for first time originally appeared on

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Last Sunday, Steve Kerr called Andrew Bogut to let him know that the Warriors needed him to fly to San Antonio and suit up on Monday night against the Spurs.

So, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft hopped on a flight and reunited with many of his former teammates upon landing in Texas.

Which Warriors player had the best reaction when they saw Bogut for the first time?

“All of them really,” Bogut told Warriors radio voice Tim Roye. But then the big man got specific.

“Klay, just nonchalant, ‘Oh hey, Bogues,’ like he saw me a couple of days ago,” he revealed while laughing. “Draymond was excited. We play really well together. Steph.

“Probably the guys that I play poker with — which is Steph, Draymond, Klay and now Jonas (Jerebko). They’re probably the guys that I had the closest bond with just because we play cards every flight.”

Hearing stories about Klay being very “on brand” is simply the best.

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And as for many of the Dubs playing cards on team flights, this happened back in December:

Somehow, someway — we need to get video footage of one of these card games.

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